Sales grew, but mainly due to the high prices


Due to the high prices, sales in Dutch stores increased by almost 2 percent in August compared to a year earlier, statistics agency CBS reports.

That sales rose due to high inflation, is clear. Sales were down 6 percent in August, but retail sales were still up.

Especially at supermarkets and other grocery stores, more sales were made, although people also went to the checkout with a lighter basket here. Specialty stores, which were still fully benefiting from the closure of the hospitality industry during the corona crisis, saw sales decline.

Of the stores that do not sell food, drugstores did the best. They also converted more in August 2022 than in August 2021. Clothing stores, shoe stores, DIY chains and furniture stores convert less in August.

Online, many stores did a little worse than a year earlier. That revenue fell by 0.4 percent compared to August last year.

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