Three millionth fiber optic connection in the Netherlands


On Friday, the three millionth fiber optic connection has been laid in the Netherlands. This is done at a care farm in the outlying area of Gelderse Aalten.

Over a million connections have been added in the past five years. At the end of 2013, the counter still had just over two million optical fiber connections in the Netherlands.

Fiber optic offers a higher download and upload speed than traditional cable internet or ADSL. An upload speed can be reached as high as the download speed.

The fiber optic network is not yet reached national coverage. The option is only offered in a number of cities, villages and outdoor areas.

In the meantime, cable providers are working to achieve fiber-optic speeds on their existing network. For example, in December DELTA began offering fiber-optic speeds to customers. VodafoneZiggo also tests a higher speed. With both options, however, no higher upload speed is achieved.

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