The UBO register will remain closed for the public


The Chamber of Commerce will temporarily no longer provide information from the UBO register. The reason is a ruling by the European Court of Justice, which ruled that the anti-money laundering register ‘in its current form seriously affects the fundamental rights and privacy of citizens’. Dutch Finance minister Sigrid Kaag announced the decision in a letter to Parliament on Tuesday...

ING benefited from the rising interest rates


ING benefited from rising interest rates in the third quarter of this year, including on loans. Yet the bank saw its profits dwindle due to one-off spending. This is according to figures released by the bank on Thursday. For many years, low interest rates put a heavy strain on banks ‘ earnings models. But in recent months, interest rates have been rising, including for mortgages and...

Twitter people must be happy, that Elon backed off the deal


As soon as he owns Twitter, Elon Musk wants to lay off three quarters of the staff, reports The Washington Post. This means that more than 5,600 people will lose their jobs and only 2,000 employees will be allowed to remain. Musk made a $ 44 billion bid on Twitter in April. Shortly thereafter, the top entrepreneur came to regret and he decided in July that he wanted out of the deal. That’s...

Kenes Rakishev focuses on Fincraft business

Kenes Rakishev

Kenes Rakishev is a major shareholder in Fincraft Investment House JSC, majority shareholder of Fincraft Resources JSC (formerly SAT & Company). He owns Fincraft Group LLP, through which it operates in seven countries of the world. President of Fincraft Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fincraft Resources JSC. Founder of the private school named after Shokana Valikhanov in Almaty...

Five years late after announcement Tesla Semi gets.. another announcement


Tesla begins production of its electric truck Tesla Semi, CEO Elon Musk has announced on Twitter. Tesla has started production of its first electric truck, the Tesla Semi. The automaker wants to deliver the first trucks to US customers in December. Tesla unveiled the electric truck in November 2017. At the time, this was quite unique, but now the car manufacturer has competition from Volvo, among...

Is energy bills ceiling such a bright idea?


European energy ministers will meet on Friday to discuss measures to contain the effects of high energy prices. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday announced a number of plans that will be presented to European ministers. What does this mean for you? European leaders have been working for months on a plan to contain the effects of high energy prices. When Russia...

Amazon will no longer use data to outcompete the partners


Amazon has promised to no longer use data from competing sellers on its platform. The company is trying to come under two competition investigations by the European Commission, reports Reuters news agency on Thursday. The webshop platform would counterfeit products that sell well through its own brands. The company would compete unfairly, the European Commission suspects. Amazon is also going to...

Schiphol mess continues to harm Transavia


Airline Transavia must give passengers their money back in case of canceled flights, offer a flight on the same day or let them choose at what other time they want to fly, the Consumer Association said on Friday. Now the options are money back or a flight after the summer and that goes against European rules. Transavia says that passengers can always rebook if they see an alternative flight with...

KLM temporarily stops ticket sales from Schiphol, Airport comes up with action plan


Both Schiphol and KLM have taken measures to reduce the crowds at the airport. Where Schiphol today presents an action plan against the crowds, KLM will stop selling tickets for flights departing from the airport in the coming days. The long queues and the crowds at Schiphol in recent weeks are expected to continue until the summer holidays. The airport today comes up with measures that should...

Tesla delays the start of Cybertruck and Semi-truck production to 2023


Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his company will begin production of the Cybertruck next year. He also briefly pointed out that Tesla will begin production of the electric Semi-truck and the new electric Roadster sports car next year. At a show honoring the opening of Gigafactory Texas, Elon Musk also apologized for the delay in the production of the Cybertruck. That delay is partly due to the new plant...

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