Schiphol mess continues to harm Transavia


Airline Transavia must give passengers their money back in case of canceled flights, offer a flight on the same day or let them choose at what other time they want to fly, the Consumer Association said on Friday. Now the options are money back or a flight after the summer and that goes against European rules. Transavia says that passengers can always rebook if they see an alternative flight with...

KLM temporarily stops ticket sales from Schiphol, Airport comes up with action plan


Both Schiphol and KLM have taken measures to reduce the crowds at the airport. Where Schiphol today presents an action plan against the crowds, KLM will stop selling tickets for flights departing from the airport in the coming days. The long queues and the crowds at Schiphol in recent weeks are expected to continue until the summer holidays. The airport today comes up with measures that should...

Tesla delays the start of Cybertruck and Semi-truck production to 2023


Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his company will begin production of the Cybertruck next year. He also briefly pointed out that Tesla will begin production of the electric Semi-truck and the new electric Roadster sports car next year. At a show honoring the opening of Gigafactory Texas, Elon Musk also apologized for the delay in the production of the Cybertruck. That delay is partly due to the new plant...

BNY Mellon and Circle are up for something


The two sides will work together to facilitate an ” exchange of expertise on a range of topics in digital and traditional markets.” This includes various topics such as bridging legacy and Digital Capital Markets, Investment Management, custody of digital assets, cash management for fiat and non – fiat payments, and ” the exploration of digital cash for settlement purposes...

Tata Steel to build world’s largest environmental plant


Tata Steel has commissioned the construction of the largest environmental installation in the history of the steel company in IJmuiden. According to Tata, the plant reduces the emissions of lead, heavy metals and dust from the so-called pellet plant by 80 percent. It is planned that construction will begin after the summer, and the installation will go into operation next year. From 2025, a...

Tata Steel Plant emitted more pollutants than reported


In the vicinity of the Tata Steel Plant in IJmuiden, more emissions are measured than the company itself reports, RIVM reports on Friday. This may be due to conscious or unconscious mistakes made by Tata Steel, but there may also be other causes, according to the Health Institute. For particulate matter, the measurements were sufficiently similar, but the amounts of polycyclic aromatic...

Google Analytics faces potential European ban


The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) warns that the use of Google Analytics ‘may soon no longer be permitted’. It does so after a ruling by the Austrian privacy regulator. The AP wants to draw a final conclusion itself at the beginning of 2022. The new text is in a guide to setting up Google Analytics privacy-friendly that the AP has published. The regulator has since Thursday an...

Alibaba presents new CFO, rearranged e-commerce


Alibaba presented a new Financial CEO on Monday and at the same time announced a reorganization of its e-commerce activities. Toby Xu will succeed Maggie Wu as of April 1st next year. Wu has been CFO at the tech giant since 2013 and is co-responsible for three Alibaba stock quotes. Wu remains a member of the board. Last Friday, the Chinese taxi service Didi announced, under pressure from the...

KLM delay capital increase


Air France-KLM is considering postponing its capital increase, as many governments have imposed severe travel restrictions to limit the spread of the Omikron variant of the coronavirus. News agency Reuters reports on Thursday based on sources. The French-Dutch airline hoped to raise EUR 1 billion or more by the end of the year, in order to strengthen its balance sheet and repay state aid. This is...

Major changes in customs tariff from 1 January 2022

oil terminal

The Netherlands accounts for 40% of all customs declarations within Europe, but on 1 January things will change again. To be well prepared for this, over 100 customs professionals visited the day of the Declarant in Veenendaal last week. This could be due to a significant change caused by the fact the EU’s customs office will begin its duties on goods imported from the Netherlands to its...

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