China sends a shockwave through the markets, Fed may pick it up for a nice surf


The us dollar has been quite a bit stronger against the euro, due to the uncertainty with regard to the problems in China’s real estate industry, which pushes investors to flee to safe havens, the dollar, the Japanese yen. The reason for this is the financial problems of the large Chinese real estate company Evergrande, which is shifting to the valuations of other real estate in Asia and...

Chinese statistics shows that the recovery slows down


Chinese industrial production increased in August, but less than expected and less than a month earlier. This was shown on Wednesday by government figures. Production increased by 5.3 percent, after a plus of 6.4 percent in July. The increase was 8.3% In June and 8.8% in May. The increase in production in August is below the expectations of economists, who assumed a plus of 5.6 percent. On a...

Tropical storm Ida frightens oil consumers


The price for a barrel of crude oil closed higher on Friday and rose more than 10 percent on a weekly basis, while Tropical storm Ida moved towards the US Gulf Coast. Tropical storm Ida led to a hurricane watch in New Orleans and a declaration of emergency for the state of Louisiana. The storm is now crossing the Caribbean and is expected to reach Cuba today. The risk of the storm increasing in...

Public organizations voiced their concerns in the open letter to Knesset


The letter written to the Knesset joins ministers in protest against the reduction of regulation. A letter was sent to the Knesset on Thursday in which 28 environmental, security and medical organizations demanded that the reform for the Regulation Authority, which would lower the amount of government regulation in various areas, be taken out of the Arrangements Law. “Only a few months ago...

Retail sales are flattened out


Since the hospitality industry has reopened, sales growth in supermarkets and grocery stores in particular has come to a halt. In the supermarkets the turnover is even decreasing compared to a year ago, the vegetable shops see the extra income evaporate. At drugstores you can also see the reopening of the catering industry; we spend more money on personal care. This is shown by figures from...

Euro is set to a minor advance


The euro recorded around 1,1750 on Thursday in anticipation of American producer prices and weekly aid applications in a still thin market, which could result in a slightly larger result than outside the holiday periods. We think that the euro is still more likely to be below $ 1.17 than to pass the $ 1.18. On Wednesday in July, American consumer prices did not surprise anyone, but did not...

Gary Gensler praises blockchain tech – while pushing tight regulation

gary gensler

Gary Gensler may be a proponent of strict regulation of cryptocurrencies, but he is also an admirer of Bitcoin. Gensler described by Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of the largest cryptomunt Bitcoin, on Tuesday as “a major innovator of cryptography,” and said that his invention created for “promotion of the development of the digital assets and the underlying blockchain technology”...

The Baazov brothers and the biggest frauds in the gambling history


The rise and fall of the gambling business “kings”. In the 2010s, David Baazov attracted general attention several times: at first as a young successful businessman who became the “king of poker” at the age of 34 and then as a defendant in a number of high-profile scandals. Canadian dream The Baazov family moved from Israel to Canada in the early 1980s. The youngest of the brothers, David, showed...

Pegasus is undeniably behind the attack on press — Amnesty


NSO said ‘list has nothing to do with us’ and report claimed Amnesty backtracked findings, but official statement says otherwise: ‘Data is irrefutably linked to potential targets of NSO’s Pegasus spyware’. “The list of 50,000 phone numbers has nothing to do with us,” the founder and CEO of the cyberespionage firm NSO Group told an Israeli financial daily on Wednesday. The comments by NSO’s...

Euro and pound are out for summer


On Wednesday, the euro was still below $ 1.18 in a market that is concerned and risk-averse. This is due to the increasing incidence of coronavirus infections and the fear that the economic recovery will be more difficult. That is also the reason for the expected rise in British coronavirus infections, but within the Bank of England the monetary sound has become somewhat milder and that too is...

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