Goldman Sachs to pay two billion fine to prevent criminal investigation on massive fraud


The American bank Goldman Sachs would pay $ 2 billion to the US legal system to buy off the fraud scandal surrounding the Malaysian state fund 1MDB. The settlement can be announced this week, sources report to Bloomberg News Agency. Goldman previously closed large case for the Malaysian state fund, which is at the heart of a major scandal in Malaysia. The former prime minister of the country...

September report shows the growth of car sales


The purchases of passenger cars in Europe has increased by 3.1% for the better of a year earlier. As a result, September was the first month of 2020 in which car sales increased on an annual basis, reports the European industry association ACEA. The car industry suffered a major blow as a result of the COVID-19 disease. This springtime, fewer cars were delivered and many dealers closed the doors...

Largest EU economy enters unexpected stagnation


The production of German industry fell slightly in August against the expectation. This brings to a halt the earlier recovery of industry in Europe’s largest economy, as is shown by data from the German Federal Statistical Office. Production fell by 0.2 per cent in August compared to July, where economists in general expected an increase of 1.5 per cent. However, the growth rate for the...

News about Donald Trump COVID-19 positive test worried the markets


European stock exchanges seem to open lower. The news that American president Donald Trump has been tested positive for the coronavirus creates uncertainty on the trading floor. The opening indicators for the American stock exchanges dropped sharply after the news. Trump tweeted that he and his wife Melania have the coronavirus. They probably contracted the SARSv2 virus through close contact with...

WTO allowed EU to impose tariffs on US import


The World Trade Organization (WTO) has authorized the European Union to impose import duties on US products of USD 4 billion. That’s what Reuters news agency reports based on insider information. These charges would allow the EU to retaliate against state aid prohibited by the Americans to the airline group Boeing. These are charges in a long-standing dispute between the US and the EU over...

American markets in sell-off mode


The stock exchanges in New York closed the week with clear losses. Uncertainty about potentially over-advanced stock market prices for tech companies has long dominated sentiment, and investors are looking for direction. Big technology companies therefore went on sale. In addition, a new step was taken in the Chinese-American conflict around the apps TikTok and WeChat. The Dow Jones index was 0.9...

ByteDance tries to evade the sell of TikTok


ByteDance tries to prevent a sale of its American branch of film app TikTok. For this reason, the company is currently engaged in talks with the U.S. government, according to business newspaper The Wall Street Journal based on insider information. According to sources, talks on an alternative plan have been going on for months. These negotiations came under additional pressure after the Chinese...

Saudi Arabia lowers oil prices


Saudi Arabia is lowering its prices for supplies of crude oil to Asia and the United States. Oil prices went down again on Monday, after the strong mins on Friday. These are deliveries scheduled for October. It is the first time in six months that Saudi Arabia has reduced US sales prices. The Saudi step may indicate that oil demand is recovering less strongly from the consequences of the...

Eurozone strengthens growth but it is still very weak


Eurozone manufacturing activity will pick up again this month. British market researcher Markit says this in preliminary figures. It is the first time since the corona crisis that growth has returned. Industrial activity was hit hard by the corona measures, especially in April and May, after which an ever smaller contraction was measured. The purchasing managers index, which shows activity, came...

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