Malaysia Airlines suspended the infamous 737 Max jet order


Aviation company Malaysia Airlines has suspended the order for aircraft of the type 737 MAX at Boeing this year. It is therefore the first airline in Southeast Asia to take such a step, since the aircraft have been grounded for safety reasons worldwide. This after two fatal crashes in a short time. Malaysia Airlines came to the decision, because it is still unclear when the jets will be put back...

Gold and oil prices are growing after US assassination of Iranian war leader


The price for a barrel of Brent oil was 2.4 percent higher at $ 70.26. Tensions increased further during the weekend. US President Donald Trump threatened retaliation if Iran “did something.” Iran vowed to take revenge again for the deadly attack on Soleimani. Attacks on Saudi oil fields could seriously disrupt the oil supply. There is also a fear that Iran will attack oil tankers in...

Kenes Rakishev acquired a stake in Amanat Insurance

Kenges Rakishev

The National bank has given Kenes Rakishev a permit to acquire the branch of Amanat insurance company. It will be incorporated into businessman’s own Fincraft Investment House. Amanat reported in the last days of December that the deal is on the way without disclosing further details. “As soon as will come to solution we will tell it. I can say for sure: participation of a new shareholder will be...

Investing in 2020: shares, bonds or cash?


After the wonderful stock market year 2019 you naturally ask yourself where you should put your money in 2020. In shares? Is it smarter to switch to bonds and bitcoins? Or is it time to hold cash? RTL Z toured the fields. In the past year you were on the right track with almost everything: stocks, bonds, bitcoins, houses and commodities such as oil, gold and silver. Will 2020 be that beautiful...

The banking sector is scrapping tens of thousands of jobs


The slower growing economy and increasing digitization are having a negative impact on employment in the banking sector. This year, banks announced the cancellation of nearly 78,000 jobs. That is the highest number in the industry in four years, calculated Bloomberg news agency. European banks accounted for the lion’s share, almost 82 percent. That also has to do with the negative interest...

Poland continues to be frustrated with fulfilling European climate ambitions


EU President Charles Michel’s green “Man on the Moon” project got into trouble in Brussels early in the morning during the launch. “Brussels, we have a problem.” Poland, one of the passengers, refused to board. Whereas 26 European government leaders promised that Europe would become the first climate-neutral continent in the world (net no CO2 emissions) in 2050...

OPEC is approaching further production limitation deal


OPEC oil cartel is approaching a deal for a further production limitation of 500,000 barrels per day. Delegates from different delegations report this. The OPEC countries and their allies such as Russia are likely to formally announce the agreements made on Friday. A reduction in production with 500,000 barrels per day would barely move oil prices, experts say. Such a step would simply be a...

Aselle Tasmagambetova told the Moscow International Economic forum about endangered Caspian Seal program


The annual International Economic Forum “Caspian Dialogue 2019” was held in Moscow. Participating countries have presented their innovations and programs aimed to environmental protection of the largest lake on the planet. Aselle Tasmagambetova, the president of Saby foundation has taken part as speaker for Republic of Kazakhstan. She presented a report dedicated to shrinking numbers...

Kenes Rakishev will advise Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kenges Rakishev

Kenes Rakishev was appointed Advisor for Investments to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 27, 2019. Affirmed by Acting Foreign Minister Shakhrat Nuryshev, the appointment reflects Mr. Rakishev’s substantial contributions to building Kazakhstan’s economic potential. In this new position, Kenes Rakishev will work with various stakeholders to attract foreign...

OPEC: lower market share in the coming years


Oil cartel OPEC expects to have to pump up considerably less oil in the coming years. The market share of the organization for oil-exporting countries will therefore fall to around 2025. The reason for the lower oil production of the OPEC countries is the large amount of American shale oil that is flooding the market. The amount of shale oil that the Americans produce is rising faster than what...

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