Next round of the US/China trade talks to start soon


Representatives from the United States and China are starting talks in Washington next Thursday about a solution to the ongoing trade dispute. Earlier in the day, the US Chamber of Commerce chief executive Tom Donohue said Friday’s first meeting would take place, but this was contradicted by the US Department of Commerce. Earlier it was announced that somewhere midway through this month...

Investments must prevent the climate damage


Substantial investments are needed to protect countries against the effects of climate change. In 2030, more than 100 million people could fall below the poverty line, says a report from the Global Commission on Adaptation, an international climate committee initiated by Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen. According to the committee, between 2020 and 2030...

Trump kicks Federal Reserve and commands American companies


The American president Donald Trump has unleashed hard at the president of the American central bank. He is mad at Jerome Powell because he refuses to fulfill his wishes. In a message Trump asks US companies to leave China. Who is the bigger adversary, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell or Chinese President Xi Jinping? Trump asked this question in a tweet this afternoon, in response to a Powell speech...

Losses at the European stocks, trade tensions blamed


The European stock exchanges went out of trading lower on Friday. New Chinese taxes and the response from US President Donald Trump kept financial markets under control. As a result, initial profits on the stock exchange were turned into substantial losses. The AEX index in Amsterdam closed 0.9 percent lower at 542.09 points. The MidKap fell 0.7 percent to 791.98 points. The stock exchanges in...

Air travel is in high demand, IATA reports


Global demand for air travel increased by 5 percent on an annual basis in June, following a revised 4.7 percent increase in May. That was reported by the IATA aviation association. Aircraft worldwide were on average 84.4 percent full. According to IATA, that meant the high occupancy rate for the month of June ever. IATA CEO Alexandre de Juniac speaks of continued solid demand for airline tickets...

EU diplomats: Dijsselbloem did not get IMF job due to “questionable role” of France


The French did everything to prevent Dijsselbloem from taking on the position. And that has brought them the desired result. The Netherlands has tried. First Frans Timmermans had to become president of the European Commission. In his own country he was seen as a top favorite. Unfortunately for him he didn’t get it. Von der Leyen was appointed instead of Timmermans, a woman who will do...

Kristalina Georgieva nominated by EU as IMF director


The Bulgarian Kristalina Georgieva will most likely become the new director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The European finance ministers have decided to nominate her. Former Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem was also in the race, but received less support than the Bulgarian. The top positions at the two global financial institutions World Bank and IMF have been divided between the...

US not happy with conflict Japan, South Korea


Like China and the US, Japan and South Korea are involved in a trade dispute. Old wounds play a role. The US is worried. Not only is there a trade war between the United States and China, but also between Japan and South Korea. But what matters between the US and China as to who will become the global power of the future, Japan and South Korea are all about the past. That conflict can also have a...

Stock update: Jerome Powell message is a key


The stock exchange in Europe is expected to start on Wednesday. Stock exchanges with small results also appear to be opening. All eyes are on the President of the Federal Reserve (Fed) Jerome Powell who will make a statement to the US House of Representatives later in the day. Investors hope that Powell will provide more clarity about a possible interest step later this month. On the trade front...

Price of iron ore dropped considerably after early advance


The price of iron ore fell sharply on the futures market in Singapore on Friday. The price came under pressure after a call from the Chinese steel branch association to the Chinese government to “maintain order” on the iron ore market.   The price of a ton of iron ore fell by as much as 6.2 percent to more than $ 107. Monday reached the highest level in five years, partly due to bad...

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