Jerome Powell reassured stocks: more and more money will be printed


The Amsterdam Stock Exchange continued to rise on Thursday on one of the last busy days of the annual numbers season. The mood in the global stock markets has improved considerably thanks to the reassuring words of US Central Bank President Jerome Powell. Powell eased concerns about rising inflation and reassured investors that interest rates will remain low for a long time to come. The AEX index...

Myanmar state media banned by Facebook


Facebook has removed Myanmar state broadcaster MRTV pages. State television warned residents that demonstrating against the coup might “cost lives”. According to the company, the statement violates Facebook’s policy against violence and sedition. On 1 February, the army seized power in the Southeast Asian country because the elections were allegedly rigged. However, there is no...

SpaceX internet to double it’s speed this year, Elon Musk promises


Elon Musk says on Twitter that Starlink’s internet speed is doubling to 300 Mbit per second this year. Starlink is a project of space company SpaceX that provides broadband internet via satellites from space. At the moment, Starlink is still in a test phase. Only interested Americans and Canadians can order a beta kit at this stage. For 99 dollars (82 euros) per month, a speed of between 50...

Copper prices point to economic recovery


The price of copper has risen on Monday to over $ 9000 per tonne, reaching its highest level since 2011. The buyer price rises due to optimism about the economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Copper is used, among other things, in the construction, the telecom sector and in automotive industry. The price of a ton of copper reached a level of $ 9187 on Monday in the commodity market in...

Job loss is the highest since the beginning of World War II


The job losses in the United States last year were historically high. According to business newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the total number of jobs lost was at the highest level since 1939. Especially among the black and Latino population and among young people, job losses were high. In the United States, only 9.4 million jobs were lost in 2020. That is much more than the more than 5 million...

Tokyo exchange closed for holidays: the main index gained 16 percent this year


On Wednesday, the Japanese stock exchange concluded the moving COVID year 2020 with a small loss. Investors took a step back after the strong advance a day earlier, pushing the main index in Tokyo to the highest level since August 1990. A more expensive Japanese yen created some price pressure on the major export companies. The other stock exchanges in the Asian region showed mostly profits. The...

Brexit talks may go beyond the deadline


The negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union on a trade agreement can go beyond this weekend, ” said the French secretary of state for European Affairs. “It is necessary to take the time and not sacrifice our interests under the pressure of a calendar.” The European Parliament had called for an agreement to be reached by Sunday, so that Parliament still has...

Black Friday will be a test for e-commerce in Europe


For well-known reasons, this year Black Friday will be an online shopping festival, even if you are looking for a PlayStation 5 at e-commerce companies. The action day-in 2020 on Friday 27 November at retailers in the run-up to the holidays has quickly become a phenomenon in Europe. In many cases, it is not limited to a single day. In a company such as the flow of offers goes on for a...

ASML hopes that new US president will allow some consultations


Peter Wennink of ASML hopes that under the rule of the new US president Joe Biden there will be some international consultation. In the first instance, he does not dare to count on a greater change in American policy towards China. Both Democrats and Republicans see China as the major competitor of the United States, according to Wennink. The chairman of the Veldhoven technology company explained...

Stock markets celebrate vaccine news


The stock exchanges in New York were still considerably higher on Monday, midday. That’s how last week’s rally went through. The mood among investors on Wall Street is supported by positive news about pharmaceutical Pfizer’s new COVID-19 vaccine. The victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the American presidential election was also viewed as success for the stock market. He officially...

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