Kenes Rakishev and his Saby fund has started seventh national contest for young entrepreneurs


Vyacheslav Kim, Kenes Rakishev and Asel Tasmagambetova started the seventh season of incredible strartup funding giveaway. Startups, small and medium enterprises, and all who dreamed to start their own business, but was unable to! Vyacheslav Kim, Kenes Rakishev and Asel Tasmagambetova have established the Saby charity fund among other things to help you make your dream come true. Kenes...

Industrial activity China is growing faster


Activity in the large Chinese industry increased in October, with the rate of growth tapping the highest level in more than two years. This is according to figures from research agencies Markit and Caixin. The purchasing managers’ index, which reflects the activity, reached a level of 51.7 for October compared to 51.4 a month earlier. That is the highest point since February 2017. A...

Umut Shayakhmetova tells about street protest, Qazkom M&A and the troubled banking of Kazakhstan


For the modern Western people it’s hard to imagine the reality of Kazakhstan. Thirty years Nazarbev, once a CPSU-apparatchik and then the leader of independent Kazakh nation is in power. He left the chair of the president only to occupy the throne of the ‘leader of the nation’ and will remain there until the very death. Nazarbev’s shadow is cast on everything that happens...

Disappointing trade figures from China


China’s exports and imports shrunk more in September than expected by experts. China is struggling with increasing headwind due to global trade tensions and the cooling economy. Exports fell by 3.2 percent in terms of dollars compared to a year earlier, after a minus of 1 percent in August. Here, economists generally expected a decrease of 2.8 percent. It is the sharpest fall in Chinese...

German inflation figure in accordance with expectations


Lower inflation in Germany confirmed. Inflation in Germany fell to 1.2 percent on an annual basis in September, from 1.4 percent a month earlier. The German Federal Statistical Office reported this on the basis of definitive figures. On average, economists were already counting on an inflation rate of 1.2 percent, in line with the preliminary figure announced earlier. German consumer prices...

Powell: the economy is in a good shape


The American economy is still in good shape despite some risks. That is what President Jerome Powell of the American umbrella of national banks, the Federal Reseve, said. He did not give many indications as to whether a new interest rate cut would be coming soon. In general, economists do count on that. Powell pointed to low unemployment and inflation close to the 2 percent target. The Fed boss...

Norway taps into the piggy bank


Norway unexpectedly withdrew $ 400 million from its sovereign state fund in August. That had not happened since 2016, when oil prices fell sharply. The price fall of oil was again the reason for the Norwegians to tap the piggy bank. Oil prices were at their lowest point in seven months in early August. By withdrawing millions from the fund, revenues and expenditures for the oil sector were...

Eurozone industrial PMI contracted in September


Business activity in the eurozone industry contracted again in September. Research firm Markit reported this on the basis of a definitive figure. In particular, the contraction in Germany, the largest economy in the eurozone, weighed heavily on the figures. The German downturn, however, was slightly less severe than previously reported, which also made the European contraction a little less...

Service and business car sales grow for eight months in a row


Sales of business cars in the European Union grew considerably in July and August. The sale of delivery vans, trucks and buses has shown an increase for eight months in a row, according to the ACEA car industry association. Year-on-year sales increased by 6.2 percent in July and a plus of 11 percent in August. In the first eight months of this year, EU sales of commercial vehicles improved by 6.5...

Number of vacancies in the euro zone stays flat


The number of vacancies in the euro zone remained stable in the second quarter. The percentage was 2.3 percent of the total work supply, just like in the previous quarter, according to figures from the European statistics agency Eurostat.
In the services sector, most vacancies were open with 2.6 percent of the total. In industry and construction it was 2 percent.

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