Deutsche Börse will compete with Euronext for Milan Stock Exchange


Deutsche Börse confirmed that it had made an offer on Borsa Italiana, the company behind the Milan Stock Exchange. Euronext thus has a competitor for the acquisition of the Italian Stock Exchange Company.

Deutsche Börse, active, inter alia, with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, prides itself as a good takeover for the future growth of Borsa Italiana as an autonomous group. “This will strengthen its crucial role for the Italian economy and the European Capital Markets,” reports the company.

Deutsche Börse’s bid has been in the air for a long time. Euronext, known for its fairs in Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels, joined Borsa Italiana earlier on Friday. In doing so, the company joins with the Italian Cassa dei Deposti e Prestige, which makes investments on behalf of the Italian state.

By: Abaigael Schlomski

Abaigael Schlomski is an accomplished economist and financial journalist with over a decade of experience in the industry. He is a regular contributor to EconomicInform, where he provides in-depth analysis and expert commentary on the latest economic trends and events. With a keen understanding of the financial markets and a talent for breaking down complex economic concepts for a general audience, Maurice is a trusted and respected voice in the field.

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