Events calendar: reports are the in shadow of the Trade Deal


The mood is positive. The AEX note after a month 7% return. Over the past week increased the Amsterdam master index with 1,58% to 523,2 points. Helped by strong results from heavyweight Shell (+4,6%), KPN pluste 9% on overnamegeruchten and Heineken won by 4.6%.

ING however lost 3,1%, ABN Amro 3.8% and ASR dropped to 2.3%. Pessimism is still miles away according to the monthly survey of asset manager Actiam.

Analyst Corné van Zeijl suggests to look at the bonds in addition to shares. Federal Reserve starting to support bonds by rising the key indicator.

New Year in China

The production of the second economy in the world goes from 5 to 18 February on vacation. The preparations for the celebration of the Chinese Year of the Pig is already a burden on the production.

China is going to holidays, but that is not the case for their leader Xi Jinping. He wants a trade agreement. The market is waiting for a date on which the trade is carried out.

On march 1 the truce in the trade conflict will expire. China has invited the US trade representative Lighthizer and the minister of Finance Mnuchin asked in February to continue the talks.

“President Trump will try in the same period, consultations with North Korea to begin. He has a very large success necessary as the relection campaign is in sight.

The American new job rating last Friday was better than expected. The US FRS will now inrcease the interest rates. It is good that more people have been reported on the labour market.

Company calendar is full of wonders

On the corporate agenda are funds that their sector could move, as ING, ArcelorMittal, Aperam (all 6 February) Alphabet (Google), Snap , and Disney. The figures of the car manufacturer General Motors will be interesting. That was the last time a reasonable blow-out. That quarterly reports of Daimler are looking into the German automotive industry in China. The sales there have become a crucial factor. There is a small glimmer of hope that German automotive industry is well-preserved.

By: Lesley Woutersen

Lesley Woutersen, one of the co-founders of the EconomicInform gives away all of his free time to the project. He is interested in stock exchange and digital assets. Lesley can be reached by

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