Indonesians blamed Boeing for fatal 737 Max crash


The family of a passenger of crashed Indonesian Lion Air has accused Boeing. According to the suitors, there is an error in the automatic control system of the Boeing 737 Max, reports the BBC. According to them, the aircraft manufacturer also failed to inform pilots about new adjustments to the system.

One of the adjustments is intended not to let the aircraft rise too fast and prevent stall, but according to the prosecutors the nose of the aircraft can be pushed ‘unexpectedly downwards’. This can also happen when the crafy is manually controlled. Client companies and pilots have never been informed about this, they say.

In the accident in the Java Sea on 29 October all 189 occupants were killed. The cause of the crash is not yet known. Boeing continues to have confidence in the safety of the 737 Max.

By: Peretz M.

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