Motorola confirms work on a foldable smartphone


Smartphone manufacturer Motorola is also working on a folding phone, the company confirmed in a Thursday interview with Engadget. It is the first time that Motorola makes a statement about a foldable phone.

A patent of Motorola surfaced last year, in which designs for a foldable phone turned up. There were also rumors that the fold-out RAZR phone would return as a foldable smartphone.

Dan Dery, VP Global Product at Motorola, told Engadget on Thursday that indeed a long time has been worked on a foldable phone.

It is not yet known how the foldable smartphone from Motorola will look and whether the design comes close to the first sketches of the patent. Dery could only report that

“there has been a long time working on the folding device and that there are many different variations in that period”.

However, Dery was able to confirm that Motorola’s folding phone will appear in the same period as the new aircraft from competitors. This would mean that the phone is expected to arrive on the market halfway through 2019.

By: Leah Kunze

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