Pharmaceutical companies thrive on medical emergency


Pharmaceutical Sanofi has increased its turnover in the first three months. The French company also benefited from European consumers who took diabetes medicines for the corona lockdown. In the United States, sales of non-prescription drugs rose sharply.

Sales of the drug Dupixent also performed well. Sanofi wants to introduce relatively new drugs, which can be used for asthma and skin infections, among others, in a number of new countries. There may also be new conditions for which the drug can be approved.

Sanofi’s total sales amounted to just under 9 billion euros. That means an annual increase of 6.9 percent. Net profit was 2 billion euros, an increase of 16.1 percent.

Sanofi has entered into three partnerships in recent months to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. The company is also testing whether the drug Kevzara helps against Covid-19 and helped set up tests to see whether the drug hydroxychloroquine praised by President Donald Trump works.

By: Leah Kunze

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By Leah Kunze

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