Rabobank customers are affected by software glitch


Rabobank customers can not currently use internet banking. There is a software malfunction on the bank side.

That disturbance has been going on for almost an hour now. The bank itself acknowledges that there are problems with mobile banking and internet banking. And that hard work is being done to resolve the issue.

Thousands of reports are coming in from people who suffer from the disruption. Two weeks ago, the bank also had technical problems. Due to the very nature and complexity of the banking systems and the popularity of Rabobank the issues comes with the increasing use of banking applications.

By: Peretz M.

Peretz M. is an accomplished economist and financial journalist with a deep understanding of the global economy and financial markets. He is a regular contributor to EconomicInform, where he provides expert analysis and commentary on current economic trends and events. With a strong educational background in economics, Peretz has a talent for breaking down complex economic concepts for a general audience and is able to provide insightful perspectives on a wide range of economic issues.

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