Slightly higher opening at the Wall Street


The stock exchanges in New York are heading for a slightly higher opening on Wednesday. Once again, Boeing can count on interest because of the malaise surrounding the 737 MAX devices, as a result of which the share has already lost considerable value in recent days. Furthermore, the Brexit problems continue to demand the attention of investors on Wall Street and there are some macroeconomic figures from the United States.

Boeing seems to be opening lower again. The pressure on the aircraft manufacturer to keep the 737 MAX on the ground in the US is also increasing, after a large number of countries have already decided not to let the aircraft fly after two deadly crashes in a short time. The American aviation authority FAA and airlines are under pressure from politicians and travelers not to let the aircraft fly. On the stock market, Boeing lost nearly $ 27 billion in value in two days.

The British House of Commons rejected Tuesday’s Prime Minister Theresa May’s brexit plan again. The House of Commons will vote on Wednesday about whether the British should leave the European Union without a deal. If that no-deal option is rejected, a vote will follow on Thursday as to whether the government should work to postpone the brexit.


Figures were previously announced on producer prices and orders for durable goods in the US. Shortly after opening, data will be reported on US construction spending.

Streaming service Spotify has filed a competition case against Apple at the European Commission. Spotify says to be opposed in the App Store. Apple has its own streaming service, Apple Music, a competitor of Spotify.

Rite Aid

Drugstore Rite Aid reported that almost the entire board including chief executive John Standley is resigning and four hundred jobs are being cut to save costs. The loss-making Rite Aid is in tough weather and the stock price has fallen sharply lately. Rite Aid now seems to open considerably higher.

The stock markets in New York ended Tuesday divided. The price loss of heavyweight Boeing pulled the leading Dow-Jones index down. The Dow closed 0.4 percent lower at 25,554.66 points. The broad S&P 500 rose 0.3 percent to 2791.52 points. Nasdaq technology grant won 0.4 percent to 7591.03 points.

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