Technology Minerals adds seven new permits for Leinster lithium mining


Technology Minerals Plc has announced the addition of seven new exploration licenses to its land holdings on its Leinster Lithium property in the Republic of Ireland. This addition brings the company’s licensing position to 23 licenses with a total area of 760 km2 of very promising geology with verified occurrences of spodumene-containing lithium pegmatites. Initial explorations at two sites in the new permits have already yielded two clusters of spodumene pegmatite material with values up to 1.73% Li2O.

The seven licences, which were granted on 1 December 2022 to the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, LRH Resources Limited (“LRH”), are 100% owned. The remaining 16 licenses, which comprise the remainder of the company’s Leinster property exploration block, are operated under an exclusive option – and Earn-in agreement with Global Battery Metals Ltd. (‘GBML’). (‘GBML’), (TSXV: GBML; OTCQB: Rezzf; Frankfurt: Rez). The seven new permits form a contiguous block with the company’s previously issued PLA 1597 and expand the landholdings both East and west of the Knockeen and Carriglead spodumene-bearing vagabonds that were reported on that permit.

This block of eight licences together forms the South Leinster Block of the company (Figures 1 & 2). The new permits are located along an interpreted NE-ZW structural corridor that parallels both The ZO edge of the Leinster Granite batholiths and The Associated East Carlow Deformation zone (ECDZ) structural corridor. The ECDZ is a structural site for a series of spodumene pegmatite deposits identified over a 110 km length between Dublin (and the company’s northern block) and the company’s outlook for Knockeen and Carriglead on PLA 1597 to the south.

The second structural corridor runs parallel to and south of the ECDZ and runs through the company’s new permits. Indications of spodumene pegmatites relating to two historic vagrant trains were reported in archival reports and maps from the Geological Survey of Ireland and date from 1977. A brief exploration visit to the two areas by the company’s geologists at Plas 3895 and 3896 has confirmed the presence of numerous spodumene pegmatite vagrants.

During this first reconnaissance visit, ten samples were collected for analysis. The results of the sampling are shown below in Table 2, where the four samples on PLA 3895 show analysis values between 1.54 – 1.79% Li2O and four other samples on PL 3896 between 0.58 – 1.63% Li2O. two other samples AES61135 and aes61136, consisting of Altered lithologies related to the pegmatites, were also analyzed (Table 2).

The spatial distribution of the samples over the two areas is shown in the figures 1-3 below. Ongoing geological mapping and sampling by the enterprise will further define this zone and determine the full pegmatite outlook.

By: Nicholas de Kramer

Nicholas de Krammer, а self-taught economic analytic with heave mathematical background. Math behind the economics (and economics behind math) is the strong side of the author. Contact him at [email protected]

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