Tesla: unlimited free charging does not appear to be unlimited at all


“You benefit from free, unlimited Supercharging for your current Tesla and any new Model S or Model X you purchase before January 31, 2018. If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will be transferred to the next owner. (…) ‘. For a taxi driver a usp in 2014 of course and hence a driver bought a model S for a total amount of € 86.155. This driver was not the only one, but you know that yourself when you order an Uber. For Tesla, because sales figures up. For the drivers, because free kind of petrol. Only they did not count on Tesla that taxi drivers would actually hang their cars on the supercharger.

So Tesla Netherlands sent a note to the drivers: ‘We are increasingly seeing a commercial use of the Supercharger (one of the charging stations for the Tesla, where electricity can be recharged at high speed) in Amsterdam Zuidoost. This Supercharger is located at the same location as Tesla’s headquarters for Europe, also service center as well as sales location. This increasingly leads to queues for the Supercharger during peak hours and an unclear, and sometimes even dangerous (traffic) situation, for customers, employees, suppliers and other visitors’.

So by 2019 we will limit charging between 7 am and 10 pm, whenever we want (because our office workers and customers do not want to look at taxi-gaits). Should we mention that our driver drives between Amsterdam and Schiphol, that there are no other superchargers in the wide area * and that he went to court. Our driver wins brilliantly there, as Tesla says goodbye to your Musk-like promises. Unlimited is unlimited. You can read it here, where you also read about the many (battery) problems of the S that plague our and other drivers. Only on those points does the driver not win again. We close with the rumor that there seems to be something with parts that makes the whole Tesla fall over.

By: Leah Kunze

Leah Kunze just graduated MBA and is proud of it. She is interested in automotive industry and innovations. She well be glad to receive a mail to leah.kunze@economicinform.com

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