Billions on fences and cameras secured for the European borders


EU countries agree on better surveillance of the European Union’s external borders and other measures to reduce the arrival of migrants. The mistrust between arrival countries and destination countries has been removed.

Due to the growing number of migrants, the EU countries feel the need to finally break their stalemate over the distribution of the burden of care. After the special EU summit on migration, Rutte has good hope that this will succeed now. “There is definitely momentum now. But we have to work together to keep it.”

The different camps found each other in strengthening the external borders. “Substantial European funds will be immediately allocated for additional cameras, patrol cars, watchtowers, aerial surveillance and modern surveillance technologies,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said.

Netherlands’ PM Rutte mentions an amount of 2.7 billion euros. However, this still does not go towards the construction of border fences or walls on the Turkish-Bulgarian border, for example, even though many EU countries insist on it. But according to Rutte, that is not a bad thing either, because other member states can contribute to this, for example. That thorny issue “is actually very practically resolved””

The 27 EU leaders have found a balance between the wishes of a country like the Netherlands and countries on the European external border, the prime minister believes. The first camp requires countries such as Italy and Greece to register migrants. But they fear that other member states will then not take over newcomers from them and they will be left with it.

That is why the EU is going to make agreements with countries in, for example, North Africa, from which migrants leave for Europe, on combating human smugglers and taking back unwelcome migrants. If a member state decides that a migrant is not welcome, other EU countries should take over. They are also working on a joint list of countries that are safe enough to return migrants to. Experiments with a rapid asylum procedure are coming immediately at the external border.

By: Leah Kunze

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