Kenes Rakishev will advise Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Kenes Rakishev was appointed Advisor for Investments to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 27, 2019. Affirmed by Acting Foreign Minister Shakhrat Nuryshev, the appointment reflects Mr. Rakishev’s substantial contributions to building Kazakhstan’s economic potential.

In this new position, Kenes Rakishev will work with various stakeholders to attract foreign investment, stimulate business activity, and improve trade and economic cooperation. Mr. Rakishev, who is already one of Kazakhstan’s most innovative and prominent business leaders, has the authority to represent the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as he seeks to promote the benefits of investing in Kazakhstan and build new bridges with global commercial partners.

The son of a prominent Kazakh statesmen, Khadi Rakishev, Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev was born in 1979. He gained degrees In Economics and Law in Kazakhstan’s Kazakh National Law Academy before attending both Oxford University and the London Business School in 2007 where he obtained certifications in Developing Strategy for Value Creation, Business Administration, Management and Operations. In November 2006, Rakishev became the largest shareholder and chairman of the SAT & Company (KASE: SATC), which controlled more than 30 companies across different industrial sectors, such as mining, metallurgy, construction, mechanical engineering, oil trading, minerals exploration and recycling. Sat & Company rapidly increased its international presence through acquisition of the new assets in China and Turkey. By 2013, Sat & Company was worth $500 million (USD).

Kenes Rakishev is involved in a wide variety of sports development and social projects. He is a member of Youth Policy Council (Zhas Kenes), working under the auspices of the President of Kazakhstan. In December 2014, Rakishev became the Head of the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Council at the National Chamber for Entrepreneurship.

He is the co-author of “Kazanat” a book dedicated to the history and the development of horse-breeding in Kazakhstan, and of “Berkut”, a book dedicated to the history and traditions of Kazakh national falcon hunting. Forbes ranks Kenes Rakishev as one of the top 50 most influential citizens of Kazakhstan.

By: Maurice Eisma

Maurice Esma, a co-founder of EconomicInform is a freelance journalist with the expertise in international finance and corporate rights. The author can be reached by email

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