The most sensitive Political File


You know the most sensitive contemporary political file: the climate agreement. All sorts of civil society organizations set earlier this year on Climate Tables ambitious plans to achieve 49% less CO2 emissions by 2030 than in 1990. However, paying the chapter is up to the politicians, and that of course means a big problem.

The sleepers are the coalition parties on the right flank, who have their own reasons for this: the CDA protects the small man for a sky-high gas load, and the VVD protects the motorist against the R-word. Both parties have now sent boxes with sharp questions to Ed Nijpels and co, so Rutte III will never seal the plans in 2018. What is then true is that this political stalemate fits nicely with the pallet of opinions of the ordinary Dutch. A new poll by the unsurpassed Maurice de Hond shows that about 63% of the country is concerned about the climate. Furthermore, 70% think that man is responsible for global warming – the non-believers are of course PVV and FvD voters.

In harsh political measures to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by 2020, more than half see exactly nothing. If we talk about money, we see that 43% have less than € 5 per month for reducing CO2 emissions. At the CDA, 49% wants less than € 5 docks and only 19% goes for the € 50 or more. At the VVD-constituency the mood is slightly better with a 39% for between € 5 and € 50 per month (see all results below). But the overarching conclusion is clear: start getting used to those higher temperatures.

By: Oliver I. Kjeldsen

Oliver I. Kjeldsen has a corporate finance and extensive expertise in company audit. He grants us amazing insights on taxation, international affairs and friendly advice on nearly any topic of interest. His email is

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