Financial weekly overview: of guilders and purchasing power


We have not paid with guilders for almost twenty years, but there still remains a sense of nostalgia, or nostalgia, for the pre-euro era. In a week when it was again about our purchasing power, visitors to paid extra attention to a butcher who brought the old coin back one more time.
His name is Johannes Hoekstra, and he owns butcher’s shop De Schrans in Leeuwarden. Because of its silver butcher’s anniversary, customers were allowed to pay with guilders for another weekend.

Hoekstra knew that: an amount of no less than NLG 7,000 came under his mattresses and from biscuit tins. Purchasing power: zero, because De Nederlandsche Bank does not accept guilders from entrepreneurs. The Frisian finally found a solution by selling the guilders to a customer. Perhaps next time in bitcoin checkout?

Then purchasing power measured in euros. The Rutte III Cabinet is guessing that it is rising because, due to the economic summer that continues, wages are rising sharply.

But wages are not rising, the government’s tax measures are slightly above zero on balance, and Jan Modaal is stuck with the baked pears. Columnists Willem Vermeend and Rick van der Ploeg think theirs this way. And Hans de Boer thinks it is nothing that Rutte looks so explicitly at employers for rising purchasing power.

No, young and old keep their financial problems this way. Retired people sigh under a high tax burden, if they already get the pension they are entitled to, young people don’t even dare to offer a house anymore – as scared as they are that it’s all for nothing.

Fortunately, Minister Dekker (Legal Protection) wants to protect the money in bank accounts when claiming debts. And bailiffs were not boemans anyway. Bills whose numbers are happily swinging around. Maybe we will become one of these three hectar billionaires.

So, now you are again aware of the most important financial news of this week. Be sure to read Jaap van Duijn’s column about the discount rate, and don’t forget to make the car ready for summer. You can follow us seven days a week via Facebook and Twitter. Good weekend!

By: Leah Kunze

Leah Kunze just graduated MBA and is proud of it. She is interested in automotive industry and innovations. She well be glad to receive a mail to [email protected]

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