EU Digital Services Act will target nineteen largest IT companies


The nineteen largest online platforms and search engines will have to comply with broader obligations under the new Digital Services Act (DSA) from the end of August 2023. For example, they need to target illegal content and disinformation in the EU, adapt their recommendation systems and be transparent about online advertising through their services. Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google...

Shell, BP and Dow do more impact on CO2 than competing companies


Industrial giants such as Shell, BP and chemical company Dow have a much greater climate impact than their competitors. The companies produce less efficiently, which means that they emit many hundreds of thousands of additional tons of CO2 every year. For your car, it doesn’t matter if you buy petrol from a Shell, BP or Esso petrol station. But the climate impact of the refineries in which...

ECB raises interest rates again despite financial market turmoil


The European Central Bank (ECB) has again raised interest rates by half a percentage point, as expected. Although this increase had already been announced by the ECB, there were sounds from the financial sector that the increase could still be somewhat lower. That has to do with the unrest on the stock exchanges in recent days. The idea was that the central bank could also opt for a less high...

Technology Minerals adds seven new permits for Leinster lithium mining


Technology Minerals Plc has announced the addition of seven new exploration licenses to its land holdings on its Leinster Lithium property in the Republic of Ireland. This addition brings the company’s licensing position to 23 licenses with a total area of 760 km2 of very promising geology with verified occurrences of spodumene-containing lithium pegmatites. Initial explorations at two...

Tesla cuts prices to 20 percent in US and Europe, reversing strategy


Tesla has now also reduced the prices of its electric cars in the US home market and the main European markets by up to 20 percent. Earlier, the automaker already reduced its prices in China, the largest car market in the world. The company led by billionaire Elon Musk hopes to fuel demand after several quarters of disappointing deliveries. Tesla lowered the price of its cheapest car, the Model...

KuCoin exchange gets strong warning from DNB Bank


The National Bank of Netherlands (DNB) warns against the company MEK Global Limited (MGL), based in the Seychelles, better known as ‘KuCoin’. It offers crypto services in the Netherlands without legal registration with DNB. That means MGL is acting in violation of the Prevention of money laundering and Terrorist Financing Act and illegally offering services for exchanging virtual...

Futures set for higher opening, but the overall mood is weak


U.S. stock markets are heading for a higher opening on Monday, but have little traction ahead of a trading week in which an inflation rate and central banks ‘ actions to fight inflation are central. Futures on the leading S & P 500 index list 0.3 percent in the green around lunchtime. The past few stock market days haven’t been too good for equity investors, who remain concerned...

Twitter Relaunching Subscriber Service After Debacle


Twitter is once again attempting to launch its premium service a month after a previous attempt failed. Twitter is once again attempting to launch its premium service, a month after a previous attempt failed. The social media company said Saturday it would let users buy subscriptions to Twitter Blue to get a blue checkmark and access special features starting Monday. The blue checkmark was...

American, JetBlue Expand Deal That US Is Trying to Kill


American Airlines and JetBlue are expanding their partnership in the Northeast even while the government tries to kill the airlines’ agreement. American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are pushing ahead with an expansion of their partnership in the Northeast, even as a federal judge considers the government’s attempt to kill the deal. The airlines said Friday that American will add six new...

Elon Musk enforces strong NDA for employees


Twitter owner and billionaire Elon Musk has warned his employees that legal action could follow against anyone who leaks about the state of affairs within the company. That would be evident from an email revealed by the tech newsletter The Platformer. All employees have signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Anyone who breaks the terms of that non-disclosure agreement can expect ”...

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