‘Tinder’ for migrant workers: reverse job search engine is debated in the EU


Brussels is proposing the creation of a migrant worker online platform, often dubbed as the ‘Tinder’ for migrant workers, where companies can advertise job vacancies accessible to individuals outside the EU. The objective is to streamline and enhance the process for migrant workers seeking opportunities in Europe. Despite the European Commission’s assertion that such talent...

The COVID aftermath: Dutch are close to gambling addiction


In the past year, gambling and betting companies in the Netherlands collectively earned 3.4 billion euros in profits after deducting expenses. This figure represents a substantial increase of 700 million euros, or nearly 26 percent, compared to 2019, which was the last year before the imposition of COVID-19 restrictions. In 2022, the average Dutch individual wagered approximately 258 euros in the...

The Halving is near: what does it mean for the market?


The Bitcoin (BTC) halving is a pivotal event in the network, and the next one is just around the corner in April 2024. Currently, we’re 86% of the way there. Bitcoin halving is a fixed event on the blockchain where the mining reward per block is cut in half. For instance, in the 2020 halving, miners received 12.5 BTC per block, which then dropped to 6.25 BTC. In 2024, it will further...

EC issues protective requirement: cash option should be present at any retail


The European Commission wants almost all businesses and institutions to be required to accept cash payments. ‘Pin-only’ shops would disappear as a result. The Commission’s proposal essentially mandates that cash, with a few exceptions, must be accepted. This obligation would not apply to online purchases, however. There are only two exceptions to this rule. Cash may be ‘in...

Rate hikes are about to end, investors hope


Investors on Wall Street appear to be harboring optimism that central banks in both the United States and Europe will soon discontinue their policy of interest rate hikes. According to market analysts, this sentiment played a significant role in driving the major stock market indices in New York to close Wednesday’s trading session with notable gains. Financial experts have been engaged in...

Powell’s Speech to Headline Fed’s Summer Gathering at Jackson Hole


The Federal Reserve chairman will speak Friday at the central bank’s summer symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The irony could not be more pronounced. This week, the world’s leading macroeconomists will gather at a playground of billionaires to discuss the post-pandemic problems of ordinary Americans while balancing the twin goals of seeking full employment and also constraining the forces of...

SWIFT System: US dollar dominance reaches new heights in July


The use of US dollar in global payments reached a record level in July, the Swift system reported. Dollar transactions took a share of 46%. Statistics have been maintained since 2010 on the basis of about 200 million transactions. It does not cover all the flows, but it gives the largest view of the market. The increase in the dollar’s share in Swift was largely due to the euro. Last month...

US Aims to choke Chinese Tech Industry by restricting investment


On Wednesday, American President Joe Biden issued a decree aimed at limiting American investments in the Chinese tech industry, primarily focusing on investments in chips, artificial intelligence, and quantum computers. Investments in the mentioned sectors can not only be restricted but also prohibited by the Department of the Treasury. The long-anticipated measure is intended to prevent American...

Bye-bye inflation, welcome recession?


It appears that inflation is going to be defeated. To make a proper assessment of that, you should focus your sights on the United States. That is the largest and most significant economy in the world. You can use several indicators for that. But one of the best is the difference between the ten-year interest rate on U.S. government bonds and the three-month interest rate. Normally, the interest...

TSMC Expects No Immediate Impact from China’s Export Restrictions


According to Reuters, semiconductor manufacturer TSMC stated that it does not anticipate any immediate impact from the export restrictions recently announced by China. The restrictions specifically target gallium and germanium, which are used in the production of semiconductors. TSMC assured that it is closely monitoring the situation. The company stated, “Based on our evaluation, we do not...

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