Europe feels some relief as NS is filled with gas once again


The Nord Stream gas pipeline, which carries Russian gas from Russia to Germany, will be put back into operation on Thursday after a ten-day maintenance period. In Europe, it was feared that the pipeline would no longer be used at all. It will take some time before the gas supply through the pipeline is completely back to normal, but at least the transport of Russian gas was restarted on Thursday...

WTO agrees on free patents for COVID vaccines – as they are becoming obsolete


All 164 members of the World Trade Organization WTO reached an agreement on Friday morning after two years of negotiations on the release of patents on Corona vaccines. Politicians around the world have been advocating for this for some time, but so far a deal has been held back by the pharmaceutical industry. The deal comes at a time when there is actually no longer any demand for Corona...

The largest insurance market is closed for the Russian companies


The UK prohibits Russian companies from insuring in London. The UK insurance market is the largest in the world for companies, especially in the aviation and space sectors. These companies will no longer have access to (re)insurance, both directly and indirectly, the British government reports on Thursday. “We are going to prohibit British Insurers or reinsurers from carrying out financial...

Social shopping’ will triple in the next three year


The market for social commerce will grow to $ 1,200 billion by 2025. Outside of the Chinese market, this form of online trading will hardly become of serious scale. This is confirmed in a study, but in an analysis by Accenture. The combination of streaming video and social media appeals to the imagination because it brings reach, inspiration and purchase intentions close together. This seems to...

Ruptured supply chains and shocking energy prices put brakes on Euro zone growth


The declining growth rate in Euro area industry in October has been confirmed. This was shown on Tuesday by final figures from Markit. The Purchasing Managers Index for the monetary union industry fell from 58.6 to 58.3 in October. Preliminary figures indicated a smaller decrease to 58.5. Markit’s economist Chris Williamson noted that manufacturers reported a deterioration in the supply...

Price hike for raw materials sets a record since the last century oil crisis


Prices of raw materials and building materials rose by 14.2 percent in September in Germany compared to the same period last year. The Federal bureau of Statistics Destatis reports Wednesday. According to the agency, this is the largest annual increase for producers since the 1974 oil crisis. In 1974 prices rose by 14.5% in October compared with a year earlier. In the year 2021, German industry...

No passwords were leaked, Twitch states


A data breach at the beginning of October on the streaming platform Twitch did not leak any user passwords. The company writes this in an update on its website on Friday. The leak came to light on October 6, when a hacker on internet forum 4chan claimed that he had stolen 125 GB of data from Twitch. According to the hacker, these include the source Code of Twitch and payout information of users...

China sends a shockwave through the markets, Fed may pick it up for a nice surf


The us dollar has been quite a bit stronger against the euro, due to the uncertainty with regard to the problems in China’s real estate industry, which pushes investors to flee to safe havens, the dollar, the Japanese yen. The reason for this is the financial problems of the large Chinese real estate company Evergrande, which is shifting to the valuations of other real estate in Asia and...

Chinese statistics shows that the recovery slows down


Chinese industrial production increased in August, but less than expected and less than a month earlier. This was shown on Wednesday by government figures. Production increased by 5.3 percent, after a plus of 6.4 percent in July. The increase was 8.3% In June and 8.8% in May. The increase in production in August is below the expectations of economists, who assumed a plus of 5.6 percent. On a...

Tropical storm Ida frightens oil consumers


The price for a barrel of crude oil closed higher on Friday and rose more than 10 percent on a weekly basis, while Tropical storm Ida moved towards the US Gulf Coast. Tropical storm Ida led to a hurricane watch in New Orleans and a declaration of emergency for the state of Louisiana. The storm is now crossing the Caribbean and is expected to reach Cuba today. The risk of the storm increasing in...

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