Renewable energy consumption on the rise, but it will not solve the crisis


Renewable energy consumption continues to increase, especially from solar and wind sources. According to preliminary figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics, 15 percent of the energy used in the Netherlands last year was generated from sustainable sources. This is an increase from 13 percent the previous year. Solar and wind energy, in particular, saw higher consumption. In 2022, a...

UK wants to allocate one billion on the developing semiconductor industry


The UK government will unveil a plan on Friday to invest £1 billion ($1.15 billion) in the semiconductor industry over the next ten years. The goal is to stimulate the growth of the sector in the United Kingdom, reduce supply chain risks, and protect national security. An investment of up to £200 million ($230 million) is planned for 2023-2025 to boost research and development and facilitate...

European companies overreacted on inflation risks


Inflation would have been less extreme last year if companies had not increased the prices of their products further than necessary. This is shown by research by the economic Office of Rabobank into surreptitiously driving up prices in times of crisis. The bank’s economists calculated that consumer products would have risen 2.2 percent less last year if prices had only been raised to what...

Ministry of Agriculture introduces correction in crop classification


Consumer potatoes and fiber hemp are definitely not designated as winter crops. The crops must be harvested on sand and loess soil before October 1, so as not to receive a discount on manure space. This is evidenced by the list of winter crops published by the Ministry of Agriculture. Winter squash, wax squash, chicory and winter onions, winter flax, chicory and celery were added to the list...

Mykines Corporation wasn’t alone: billions in sanctioned tech is exported to Russia


Russia, despite international sanctions, has managed to import more than $ 1 billion in technology products such as high-end processors. Some of the contraband was said to have been sent by a UK-based company. According to The Register, The Financial Times ‘ report on illegal exports is based, among other things, on an analysis by Maxim Mironov, a professor at the IE Business School in...

Japan announces chip export restrictions for China


The Japanese government has announced export restrictions on advanced chip production machines. The restrictions do not mention China, but in practice they are intended to complicate exports to this country. The restrictions were already expected. The Japanese government is expanding existing export restrictions with 23 products, including euv production machines and etching equipment for 3D...

EC bans TikTok in ‘government organizations’


The European Commission imposed a ban on the use of TikTok on devices of the government organization on Thursday morning, Politico reports. That measure has been taken because of growing concerns about espionage by China. TikTok is a social network owned by the Chinese tech company Bytedance. In Western countries, there are increasing concerns about Chinese tech companies helping intelligence...

Warm weather has lowered gas prices for Europe


Gas was cheaper on Friday. As a result, the price of fossil fuels has come closer to the price at the beginning of this year. The warm weather this winter means that European gas supplies are still full. As a result, European countries and energy companies want to pay less to buy more gas. The price of a megawatt hour of gas on the leading Stock Exchange in Amsterdam was still above 80 euros at...

At the end of the year the UK economy will inevitably enter a mild recession


The UK economy contracted by 0.3 percent in the third quarter of this year. The United Kingdom is expected to be officially in recession by the end of this year. The economic downturn is the result of rising prices that hit businesses and households hard. A country is officially in recession when the economy shrinks for two consecutive quarters. Over the past quarter, economic activity in the UK...

2023 will be the year of recession or stagnation for one of the most important EU economies


The Dutch economy is unlikely to grow next year. The price ceiling for energy cannot prevent life from becoming more expensive across the board in 2023 as well. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has conducted research into the Netherlands in recent days and presented the first results on Friday. The researchers believe that the Dutch economy is still growing by 4.2 percent this year, but by...

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